Well Made Man E-Book, Volume 1- Book Description/Summary

A Well Made Man: Building the Temple of Self  was designed and written to serve as a manual of instruction. It is a guide for those individuals that would aspire to become men of vision, action, and accomplishment. By utilizing the metaphoric process of constructing a building, this book provides the blue print for building a man.

From a sturdy foundation of finances to the social aspects of life, readers learn seven characteristics and seven principles of a well made man. A Well Made Man: Building the Temple of Self elaborates on nine specific areas of focus that men must become proficient in so that they can fully accept and perform their duty as men, and become the head of their homes, community, and nation.

This assistive narrative will interrupt our plagued society infested with lack-luster male characteristics and inspire men to mature and take responsibility for themselves and their futures. With the overwhelming amount of males being raised by single parent mothers, in the absence of strong male role models, A Well Made Man: Building the Temple of Self stands as a combatant to this phenomenon.

A Well Made Man: Building the Temple of Self, was released in accord with the  17th Anniversary of the Million Man March, connecting it to the resurrection process of all men, particularly the Black man in North America. The Million Man March (held on October 16, 1995) brought nearly two million men to the nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C., to demonstrate the willingness of Black men to atone to God for their shortcomings as men, husbands, and fathers. It demonstrated their willingness to reconcile differences at home, school, church, in organizations and in the society in general. It demonstrated their willingness to accept responsibility to change their behavior and to strive to make their communities a more decent place to live.

In the spirit of the purpose of the Million Man March, A Well Made Man: Building the Temple of Self is a guide that will help men become responsible citizens by introducing them to their internal force and power and shows them the domain of activity that they must spend time in to harness and develop their skill, talents, gifts, and abilities. The book is filled with references so that each principle and area of focus can be furthered.

H.A. Jabar, formerly Quinn Foster, is the founder and President of Aboriginal Industries, LLC. He is an author, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, and youth advocate. He is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he was an NCAA All-America wrestler and Pac-10 conference Champion.

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